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This is a completely free astrology site designed to help peolpe learn more about birth chart interpretation and astrology in general.

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This site is provided "as is" and comes with no guarantees. We are currently in the process of updating and improving this astrology site, with a new verion of Starbud now online! The calculation of the planets is now more accurate, and there is a new system for locating your birth place. If you would like to be informed about new features as they are implemented, you can add yourself to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe yourself from the list at any time.

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Starbud V.2 is a program that calculates planetary positions including rising sign, and gives a short free birth chart interpretation including major planetary aspects.

is a JavaScript program that calculates planetary positions for two people, and gives a quick compatibility report. Netscape/Explorer version 4 or newer only.

is a more technical program that calculates planetary posistions, ascendant, houses and aspects, with direct links to the appropriate interpretations written by Michael McClain at astrology-numerology.com.

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