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Instructions for Astrohelper

Fill in the form at the top of this page. Use the Tab key or click with your mouse to move to the next field in the form. Enter the time in 24 hour format, as in 19:10.

How to use the built-in atlas: enter the first few letters of the place name in the 'Place' field. When you click on the 'Find Place' button, Astrohelper will stop at the first place that matches those letters (the search is non case-sensitive). If you click the 'Find Place' button again it will continue searching for more matching place names. If you specify a country as well, it will only find places in that country. If you specify no place name, only a country, Astrohelper will stop at all entries for that country. When Astrohelper finds a place in the atlas, it automatically fills in the rest of the form (below the 'Find Place' button) for you.

US states are categorized as countries, and spelt out in full (Texas is Texas, not TX). The atlas also contains data for the Boroughs of London, England. Enter 'London' in the 'Country' field to acess these data. If the built-in atlas cannot find the data you need, try the Astrodienst Atlas.

When you are finished filling in the form, click on the 'Calculate' button. This can take some time, since the speed of calculation depend entirely on the speed of your computer.

Note: Do not use preceding zeros in the form - as in 'Longtitude: 017 05'. This can cause problems and give wrong results. If you are unsure about the exact time, longtitude or latitude of the event, the ascendant and house positions will not be exact, as they are very sensitive to these data. Make sure Javascript and Cookies are enabled before proceeding. Please mail us at if you experience any problems.

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